How does Clik work?
Step 1: Download the FREE Clik app from the App Store or Google Play store.
Step 2: Enjoy videos on YouTube and music on 8tracks right on your phone.
Step 3: Connect to a screen with a browser to share the music and videos you love. Go to on your browser screen, tap Connect on your phone and scan the QR code.
Step 4: You’re now Clik’d in using your smartphone’s cellular or Wi-Fi connection.
That’s it! How easy was that?! Now that you’re connected, you have complete control over the screen and can use it to show off your favorite videos and mixes.
What is a screen with a browser?
It means the screen must have a viable Internet connection (via Wi-Fi, cable, DSL, or wireless) with the ability to surf the Internet. Clik will work best with browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
What phones will Clik work on?
Clik will work on any iPhone with iOS4.0 and above, and any Android smartphone with OS2.2 and above. Clik will also work on current iPod Touch models that are Wi-Fi enabled and have a camera.
When will Clik be available for Nokia, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry or others?
Clik is only compatible with iOS and Android phones at the moment. But rest assured, we’ll keep you posted with updates via our website, Facebook and Twitter pages, as changes are made to our platform!
I only have Wi-Fi access on my smartphone. Will this work?
Absolutely! Clik will work on any Wi-Fi network or 3G connection.
Does it cost anything to use Clik?
Not a dime. The app is free to download and the service is free to use. The only thing you need is an Internet connection, either through Wi-Fi or 3G.
Can more than one person use Clik at once?
You bet!
To use multiplayer mode you’ll need to Clik in first. Go to on your browser screen, then open the drawer on your phone (swipe open the gray handle on the left of your screen) and tap Connect. Hold your phone up to the QR code on screen.
Once you’re connected, slide open the drawer again and you’ll see a Disconnect/Multiplayer button. Tap Multiplayer.
Your friends can then Clik in by scanning the code on your phone or you can tap Show Code to display the code on the screen you’re connected to.
I want to uninstall. How do I do that?
For iPhone: Go to the Home screen where you find the Clik app icon. Hold your finger on the screen until the icons start to shake and a black circle with an X appears on each icon. Tap the black circle on the Clik icon and then tap Delete.
For Android: Go to your phone Settings, then Applications, and Manage Applications. (If your phone is running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, go to Settings, then Apps.) Scroll through the list of apps to find Clik. Tap Clik and then Uninstall.